Our Building Process

Step 1:

Mortgage Qualification:

The first step in buying or building a new home is to determine how much you want to invest.This will normally be a combination of cash and a mortgage. Contact a lender to determine what you qualify for. Call the mortgage lender to schedule an appointment and to find out what documentation you will need to take with you. You can fill out a mortgage application online with our partner lender City Bank by clicking here: cindycarver.net | kyndrawatson.com

Step 2:

Determine a budget:

Now that you know the maximum that you can spend on a house, you need to determine if that is what you should spend. Evaluate your family budget to determine what monthly payment will best meet your short-term and long-term goals.

Step 3:

Determine a location:

Drive around the different areas and neighborhoods in which you are considering building. Consider each area’s proximity to work, schools, shopping, and churches. Decide what is the most important to you now and in the coming years. We will help you in the lot selection and purchase process.

Step 4:

Prioritize needs and wants:

Make a list of everything you would like your new home to include. Determine what is the most important and list in order of priority. Number of bedrooms, baths, garages, home office, basement, size of yard, location, kitchen appliances, etc., should all be considered.

Step 5:

Make a style album:

Whether paper or electronic, begin collecting photos of what you want your new home to look like. The more pictures the better of kitchens, bathrooms, elevations, flooring, cabinets, fireplaces, colors, and finishes, the better. This will help us to determine the design and style of your new house. Pinterest and Houzz can be helpful style websites to check out.

Step 6:

Contact us:

Schedule an appointment to make your dream home a reality. Bring all the information you have gathered above, and we will do the rest. We may already have a house plan or home in our current inventory that meets your criteria. If not, we can custom design one just for you.


Q. Do you only build in Lubbock?
A. No, we can build in surrounding cities, or in rural areas in addition to Lubbock; however, we are only building in the state of Texas at this time.

Q. Do I choose my own colors, appliances, finishes, etc. or do I use a predetermined package?
A. Yes. We believe that it is your home, so we want to help you make it uniquely your own. We can help you in the selection process, or we can help by putting together options for you to choose from based upon your likes and preferred style. We also have decorating services